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     150 years ago, at what is now the Bystrzycka Street in Świdnica a unique object was built, one of the most significant in the history of the city. Its formation coincided with the opening of borders of Świdnica, which for years had been limited by its narrow fortification. 1866 is the year of urban freedom and the initiation of many projects.

     The Investor of the 3-storey building, which indeed stood out in the landscape of contemporary Kraszowice was E. Januschek, owner of the agricultural machines factory. Aware of the potential of the property, the entrepreneur had not transformed it into another workshop, instead he opened a brewery with an adjoining pump room and a restaurant. Residents could therefore sit at tables laden with food and verify the value of the weighted drink.

     At the end of the nineteenth century, the brewery passed into the hands of S. Pringsheim, who had already perfected the art of brewing the golden liquid in Silesia. Under the management of this renowned brewer, the Munich beer was produced in Kraszowice. It was characterized by lower fermentation and small hops concentration. Besides production was based on the Pilsner-type beer, black Kulmbacher beer, also known as Schöps, malt and caramel beers.

     After World War I, the brewery was bought by the owners of the brewery in Sobótka-Górka. The Joint Stock Company Schlesische Nahrungsmittel Werke Aktiengesellschaft Croischwitz, established in 1923, launched a factory of margarine and fats in the indoor brewery.

     After World War II, the building was originally a nursery belonging to the Furniture Factory, and then it was gradually transformed into a kindergarten with a few rooms on the first floor. In the next period, until the end of the twentieth century, it was a branch of the Primary School No. 15 and in 2003 it became the property of Marek Kowalski. The new owner established in the building the trading company dealing in woodworking machines and tools.

After nine years, i.e. in 2012, the building underwent another renovation, after which it was adapted into a restaurant – Old Brewery. The restaurant began its catering business on 30 October 2013 and after 12 months, an episode of the Polish version of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ was filmed here, with positive effect. That was not the end of changes. In March 2015, the Restaurant changed its ownership again and underwent another metamorphosis.

     With the completely revised menu, new image, name and style – Manufaktura welcomed its first guests in May 2015. In its new interior, it unveiled a surprising style referring to its historical character inspired with some … brewing science fiction.

     Inside one can see cylinders, goggles, braces and clocks – all of which are a reference to the culture trend called steam punk. The dominating element is the steam engine – a synonym for progress and futuristic inventions rooted in the Victorian era. All this combined with brick-copper architecture lures the guests into the extraordinary atmosphere of Manufaktura.

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Restauracja Manufaktura
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